Apps - Buckstar

Buckstar is an unofficial app for one of the most popular Cafés in North America (whose name we aren't allowed to say). A rich application, provides most of the features that you'd expect from an official app.

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Feature List

Account Data

View the balances of all the cards associated with your account. Track your reward status within the app and not to mention, view your card image virtually.

Mobile Payment & Wallet Integration

Use your phone to buy your favorite drink. Add your card to the native wallet to pay without opening the app. Automatically get notified when you are near your favorite store.


View history of all the stars along with purchase history, free food/drinks earned and other offers that has been made available to you.

Store Finder

Find all stores that are near you or at a certain landmark or address, with details on features/ameneties and store hours.

In-app purchase

Remove the already scarce ads through an In-App purchase for less than a Short cup of your favorite brewed coffee.

And many more...

Find many more features that are all over the app to make your experience an absolutely awesome one.

The Reviews

This app is nicer than the official app on Android. Seriously!

- W

The best <redacted :) > app I've used on Windows Phone and I've used a lot over the years!

- Mark

I was blown away by how much better it is after trying several other <redacted :) > apps. Wallet integration is awesome, everything is fast and easy.

- Kyle

It's great to see a full-featured, beautiful app for <redacted :) > here. This app works well, isn't cluttered with ads, and does everything I need...

- Elliott

Awesome. Best app for *********. I was getting really upset there was no official app from *********, but this app is great. Works perfectly, integrates with my wallet app and pops up when I get to my fav stores.

- Lonnie

Who needs an official app!?! This is a beautiful and clean app for <redacted :) > lover

- Herman