Privacy Policy

Last updated: May 5, 2015

Your data

All your data are saved on Starbucks servers. The App only keeps your credential to request data. Except to log you in to Starbucks servers, your credentials are never used or shared with any service other than Starbucks.

Personal data on your phone

The Buckstar app doesn't have access to user's Contacts, Phone numbers, SMS history, Browsing history or any other data that is reasonably considered 'Personal'. All data comes from Starbucks servers.

Location data

Buckstar only needs your location data when you click on the "find me" button to display stores around you. We never use or calculate your location data for any other purpose.

Telemetry data

Any telemetry collected by Buckstar is anonymous and does not include any data that identifies the user or the account. The collected telemetry is used to help improve the app and allows Eyer Technologies to fix issues earlier. You can choose to opt-out of telemetry tracking through the settings of the app. Buckstar uses Visual Studio® Application Insights for telemetry tracking. Additional details on Data collection, retention and storage policy in Application Insights can be found here.

Starbucks privacy policy

The privacy policy of Starbucks can be found here.