Buckstar - FAQ

What is the history of Buckstar?

As a coffee lover, there was no good dedicated app making use of the wallet feature which is available in all other mobile platforms. On top of all that, there was no app in the Windows Phone® Store to do justice to the featureset. So we learnt how to write mobile apps and created Buckstar.

Is Buckstar free to download and use?

Absolutely! Buckstar is free and is on an ad-supported model. If you wish to permanently get rid of the single ad on the main page, you can make an in-app purchase for less than the cost of a Short cup of your favorite coffee.

How will I reload my card, and will this feature be supported?

No. This feature is unlikely to make into the app since it involves payment, which is strictly regulated by Microsoft® as well as the coffee company. But, we have made an option to open up the website from the app where you can reload or set up automatic reload.

How do I add or remove cards?

Since this requires modification to your account, we are staying clear of it (even though we technically can). However, you can login to your account through their website to add or remove cards associated with the account.

Will you bring support for new features like tipping and mobile order?

Not really, as that would actually mean sending data 'TO' the coffee company's servers. If in the event there is a change in the way things are handled, there is a possibility that your money can go into Limbo, and we both can agree that's not good.

Will the app be supported forever?

Nothing lasts forever. Philosphy aside, someday we expect the official app full of features to be released, at which point we will consider our job done and call it a day. Till then enjoy our app and recommend it to your friends!