About Us

'Making Life Easier' is our motto

We build apps to bridge the gaps that exist on existing products

When the Windows Phone platform came into existence, there was a serious lack of quality apps. While that was a secondary issue, the fundamental issue was that there were no apps that fulfilled certain features and functionalities. This formed the basis for what is today Eyer Technologies.

With no professional development experience, the apps that are being built today were all evening projects as a hobby with the intent of purely personal use, keeping in mind the needs of just a single person. The apps were developed more on a learn-just-what-is-needed-to-code a feature and implement it. The intent was never to build an app for commerical purposes since the feeling was that it is best left to professionals. With Buckstar, the barista dna few others really liked what the app was doing and provided encouragement to make Buckstar a mainstream app. Every now and then you might find some issues with the app and you should know why :)

Today while Buckstar remains the core apps, ther are other ideas being explored that will bridge the app-gap. Though not anywhere near the the level of individuals like Rudy Huyn, Eyer Tech will continue to make attempts to build apps that fill the voids left by corporations.